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Certification eBadge


As a Certified IRA, you can now increase the visibility of your IRA Certification by placing this eBadge on your favorite professional or social networks, a blog or website. Wherever you choose to place your badge, the information below will be displayed to validate your achievement. By displaying this eBadge, potential employers, recruiters and other contacts will immediately recognize your skills and achievement. 

Name:                                     Roi Polanitzer

Year Certified:                        2015

Certification Requirements: Click here to view IRA Certification Requirements

IAVFA ID:                               1002

Professional Profile:             Click here to view the certified IRA linkedin profile


IRA (Investment Risk Actuary)


The Investment Risk Actuary (IRA) designation is awarded by the Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA), and is the Israeli recognized benchmark professional designation for those who measure investment risk. The IRA designation ensures that Certified IRAs have mastered the critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform investment risk mapping, modeling, measurement and management.

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